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lesli Lesli

“It’s great to explain the benefits of a crown or why it’s important to floss. I can tell when it clicks with a patient and they experience a sense of responsibility for their own dental health.”

Lesli entered the dental field in 1990 and has been with Puyallup Valley Dental Care since 1998. She is currently our treatment coordinator but has been a chairside assistant for many years. Lesli will provide a complimentary consultation for each new patient, where her years of clinical experience ensure ease of understanding dental procedures and your treatment needs. Lesli will also review your insurance benefits and discuss financial arrangements that make dentistry affordable to you.


heidi Heidi

“I am continually impressed by the genuine dedication, professionalism, and integrity of this team. Patient care is truly and absolutely the highest priority at Puyallup Valley Dental Care.”

Heidi joined our team in June of 2008 as the office manager for Puyallup Valley Dental Care. Her strong communication, leadership, and organizational skills are an asset to the office. We welcome the energy and spirit that she shares with our staff and patients.


Krystin Krystin

“I really enjoy working here because our team, as a whole, is consistently working together to provide the best possible care for our patients from their first phone call to our office through the end of each appointment. We never stop working hard to educate and care for our patients on many levels.”

Krystin is the newest member of our front office team. She is a 2008 graduate of Everest College’s Dental Assisting program and received an opportunity early in her career to work on the administrative side of the dental office. She has a natural talent for the front office and we are enjoying the benefits of it. She is passionate about quality patient care and oral health education. In her free time Krystin enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and two dogs. She and her husband appreciate living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and share a love of archery hunting. Krystin also takes part in art, crafts and music.

nicole Nicole

“My greatest thrill is meeting new patients with individual needs and seeing them all the way through their treatment.”

Nicole started in the dental field in 1998 and has been at Puyallup Valley Dental Care since 2004. Nicole’s enthusiasm for dentistry, combined with her superb skills, makes for a pleasant dental appointment. She has a gentle and fun way with our younger patients and enjoys introducing them to our environment.


heather Heather

“I really enjoy overseeing the children, especially for their first dental visit.”

Heather is our versatile registered dental assistant and clinic coordinator. She came to Puyallup Valley Dental Care in 2005. Heather has many duties that help keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. She assists the doctors with lab work, which includes whitening trays, dentures, orthodontic appliances, and diagnostic models. She is so gentle with our little patients and thoroughly informs parents of each child’s needs.


jill Jill

“It’s most rewarding to help patients overcome their dental fears.”

Jill is our registered dental assistant who started her dental career in 1985 and began with Puyallup Valley Dental Care in 2006. She has the remarkable ability to multitask and is a great conversationalist at the same time.


melissa Mellissa

“I enjoy being part of the Puyallup Valley Dental Care family because they all work so hard as a team and it really comes across in the treatment of their patients. It is such a privilege and honor to work in this office!”

Mellissa is a registered dental assistant and sterilization technician for Puyallup Valley Dental and has been with us since 2003. Mellissa is an energetic, enthusiastic member of our team who is always flexible and eager to learn. She provides support to our entire clinical team and is always willing to help wherever she is needed.


becky Becky

“I love working at Puyallup Valley Dental Care because of the excellent quality of dental care our patients receive, the integrity with which Drs. Urback and Momany uphold, and the environment that encourages and challenges each individual to be the best they can be.”

Becky is a registered dental hygienist and our most tenured staff member at Puyallup Valley Dental Care. She started with Dr. Urback in 1990 and brings to our office her cheerful, soothing, and nurturing touch.


deb Deb

“It’s a great feeling when a patient smiles after a deep cleaning or having anesthetic and says, ‘that wasn’t so bad!’, especially when they have gone through a previous bad experience. Here at our office, they’ve found out that dental treatment can be painless.”

Deb has been a registered dental hygienist since 1984 and has been with Puyallup Valley Dental Care since 1996. She is a very devoted, detailed, and caring person who gives 100% in all she does.


Nan Nan

“The best thing about my job is all the wonderful and interesting people I come in contact with every day.  I do everything within my power to help patients overcome their dental fears so they can keep their mouths healthy”

Nan began her career as a registered dental hygienist and started with Dr. Urback in 2000. She does a great job balancing work and fun! Her sense of humor also keeps the office morale high.


michelle Michelle

“It is a pleasure to educate patients about their oral health and to help create self-esteem through their smile.”

Michelle has been in the dental field since 1996 and joined Puyallup Valley Dental Care in November, 2006. Her quick wit and fun personality livens up our office! Prior to her joining our team, she was a Dental Hygiene Instructor at Seattle Central College.



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