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Our family appreciates the more than two decades of thoughtful care and dentistry that you have given to us. You treat each one of us as a whole person, teaching us how good oral health care reflects in the needs of our body. Thank you for using you experience and wisdom to problem-solve our unique concerns.

We are particularly proud to share with others that our dentist participates in community outreach programs. Your volunteer time shows the great extent of your concern for your community. We look forward to being your patients for many years to come. Betsy and Bob S.


As a kid, I smiled all the time. But, at some point in my college years, I lost confidence in the way my teeth looked. I was still the same joyful person but in a way I chose not to express it to those around me. The excellent work you have done to correct my teeth and improve their appearance has renewed my confidence. What a difference it makes to be able to smile again without being self-conscious. A million thanks to all of you.

To those considering Puyallup Valley Dental, I cannot recommend them enough. The team is very skilled and helpful, the facilities are of the highest quality, the atmosphere is warm and calming, and Dr. Urback takes a personal interest in improving your oral health and quality of life.

In addition to their involvement in the community, there is an emphasis placed on continued learning through seminars and peer study groups. As the techniques of dental care evolve, you can be certain that Puyallup Valley Dental will be there at the leading edge, and you as a patient will benefit from their commitment to continued improvement. Brian S.


Recently, I have seen you a lot, first to replace some old fillings and then to fix a crown. Your office helped me with whitening before the filling replacements and then the cosmetic aspect of the fillings and bonding was so good that I was overwhelmed by the change. It made me feel amazing, better than I realized I could, and all of a sudden I wasn’t trying to cover my mouth when I laughed. I know longer dread making dental appointments, which I largely attribute to the people who work in your practice and their friendliness, compassion, and skill.

In every appointment, the hygienists, assistants, and office staff were so accommodating, helpful, and compassionate that I really felt encouraged and supported. My new crown, and my new smile, is wonderful and I am very appreciative of all the care you have given me. Diana W.


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You are not just going through a routine cleaning, exam, or procedure. You are pampered and every remote concern is addressed. You are heard, you are remembered. Remarkable service from an extraordinary staff. Maddie A.


Best dentist I’ve ever had! Dr. Urback and his staff have always treated me with the most respect, kindness, and professionalism of any dental office I’ve ever been to. They go out of their way for me every time! It means the world to me to have a dentist that I’m happy to go to instead of being anxious and scared. Jill N.


The Best Dental Office Around!  I came from a dentist that would scold for poor dental health.  It left me feeling bad, embarrassed, and hopeless.  Aside from the cost, being treated like the worst patient ever made me not only not want to go back to them, but not to any dentist ever!  My first visit with Puyallup Valley Dental Care I felt taken care of.  I was told in detail what needed to be done and the cost of those needed repairs, and told what I should be doing as far as daily at home care.  I felt encouraged and confident that I could turn around years of mistreatment, slowly but surely!  My return visit was full of praises on how well I had done on my own after following the directions and advice of my hygienist.  They restored my faith in dentists, or the idea of going to the dentist.  I have zero complaints, not any criticism, or suggestions even.  I could keep going on and on...I'm really glad I found them! Tawny B.

Amazing! I brought my three year old in for his first check up. I was so impressed by how friendly everyone was. My son was a little nervous at first, but Puyallup Valley Dental never made us feel rushed or pressured; we felt we had all day if we needed it. My son is now excited to go back in six months. Thank you Puyallup Valley Dental for your warm hearts and great bedside manner. I will talk very highly of you to everyone I know. Kara R.


No more stress over having my cleaning and exam! Yes, it’s true; I had anxiety about my cleaning appointment! I know it sounds silly, but I actually considered a sedative treatment during cleanings and exams. At my last cleaning, Nan suggested a numbing rinse for my “sensitive gum tissue” and it was great! Thanks Nan! Pamela H.


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Caring, Professional, And Friendly– Puyallup Valley Dental Care is, without a doubt, the best dental office I have ever been to. They are friendly from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you walk back out and even after that. The employees are professional and caring; your comfort and dental health is their top priority. I would, and do, recommend them to everyone I know. It’s the sweet, personal touches, along with their caring attention to details that put this office over the top in terms of excellent and professional dental and patient care. Joanna N.


A Satisfied Long-Term Patient – I’ve been a patient of Dr. Urback and Puyallup Valley Dental Care for more than two decades. I know how well they run their dental suite, so I have high expectations. My last visit did not disappoint: Pam and Lesli greeted me before I was two steps in the door, Michelle had me in the chair a few minutes before my official appointment time, Dr. Urback was thorough and friendly during the examination, and Heidi was helpful in scheduling my next visit. Excellent results, excellent customer service. Brian S.


Continued thanks to Dr. Urback for his professionalism and his caring. It is obvious that he likes what he does and cares about the people who depend on him for dental care. Also, Nan is so great. She has a gentle touch and is kind and caring. Gayle D.


Thank you Dr. Urback for seeing me on your day off! Impressive as not all dentists would have done that. Vicky M.

"Chicken Little Meets the Dentist" - As with many of us, I approached dental exams/treatments with great trepidation.  For me, this is due to unfortunate visits in the past 54 years of my life.  Thanks for seeing me for an emergency at a moments notice and making my visit pain free, well informed and (I never thought I'd say this) enjoyable!  You have a patient for life!  Carl Z., Puyallup 


Fantastic Customer Service:

Puyallup Valley Dental has the friendliest, consistently best customer service I've ever experienced. Everyone in the office is welcoming and kind. It's clear they take the time to learn about their patients and pay attention to their needs. My family really appreciates this care and consideration.

By Holly G., Feb 16, 2012


Switching your dentist made easy:

From the first phone call of inquiry through the exam and cleaning process, Dr. Urback's staff rated a 10 in every phase of his practice.  I would highly recommend this practice to any and all for their dental needs.  Tom S.


Awesome service!

Great and friendly staff.  Very professional.  Kyle


New Patient:

As a new patient I was welcomed and felt I was given a detailed new patient checkup.  Office was welcoming and so were each and every person I dealt with.  I will be back!  Jann



Best Dental Clinic In Town!

Excellent service and care.  I would highly recommend Dr. Urback and his staff for anyone's dental needs.  Erin W.


Puyallup Valley Dental Care Rocks!

I broke a front tooth and not only did they fit me in immediately but they fixed it in under an hour!  Everyone who works there is extremely nice and they do amazing work!!  Jessica


Fabulous Dental Care & Visit:

My extra sensitive gums make me dread seeing a dentist as much as I do enjoy having my teeth professionally cleaned.  Puyallup Valley Dental does such a good job though.  They made certain that my mouth was numb and they were gentle so that the visit went smoothly.  Jen B.


Great Dental Clinic:

This dentist office is very thorough.  They managed to catch things that my last dentist did not.  They also came up with a plan of action to help make my mouth the best it can be.  I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist.  You will not be disappointed.  Leanna M.


A Nice Transition:

I just moved here from St. Louis and needed a dentist.  My wife suggested this and I am glad I went with her.  The office assistants were great, my dental hygienist was amazing to work with, and the state-of-the-art equipment was very nice and in some ways reassuring as a new patient.  Everyone was very caring and it was perhaps the best dental experience I have had so far in my life.  I am glad I came here and I would be willing to go out of my way to return here for future work.  Jason S.


Excellent Dentistry:

Every experience with Dr. Urback's office has been a good one.  They are friendly, explain everything to you.  They keep you very comfortable for all treatments.  I highly recommend Puyallup Valley Dentistry for anyone.  I love his photography also!  Robin


Wonderful staff and a great local office:

I have been going to Dr. Urback since I was a little girl.  He always remembers me and what new job I've been at.  Besides the amazing customer service, the dental hygienists are all very friendly and make sure you are as comfortable as possible.  Scheduling appointments is very easy and they email and text you to remind you, which I always need.  These are just a few of the reasons I keep coming back!  Dayna


Always excellent service! 

Sometimes visiting the dentist can be stressful but that is never the case with Dr. Urback and his staff.  Thank you!  Barbara M.


Always kind and friendly:

I am always treated on time and with a smile.  All my questions are answered completely.  Dr. Urback is wonderful.  I would recommend them to anyone.  Thank you for amazing care.  Debbie





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