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What Sets Us Apart?

what sets us apart

Puyallup Valley Dental Care cares for your oral health as well as your overall well-being. When new patients come in to see us, we ask about their dental history as well as their health history. Dr. Steven Urback knows that dental health and whole body health are intrinsically linked, and we provide a holistic wellness approach to dentistry.

What makes Puyallup Valley Dental Care unique?

  • Dr. Urback knows that every patient is different with unique needs. Our wide array of services ensures that you will receive care that is catered to optimize your health and exceed your expectations. Our services include general checkups and cleanings as well as sealants, whitening, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, implants, and laser treatment.
  • With our spa-like amenities and our friendly staff who treat you like family, you will love coming to see us. New patients who are nervous about treatment will feel right at home here, and we offer conscious sedation for those who need it. We also have an after-hours emergency contact with our professional staff, so you will always feel cared for.
  • Our upscale practice utilizes the highest technology, equipment, and materials available, so you and your family will receive the highest quality treatments. We use digital X-rays to minimize radiation, and we offer patients electronic access to their accounts and information, as well as optional email and text appointment reminders.
  • Puyallup Valley Dental Care is sensitive to our natural environment and we work hard to protect it. We are proud to be an EnviroStars 5-star business. We also give back to our community and to those in need through supporting local schools, theater, and art programs.

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