COVID-19 Teledentistry

COVID-19 Scheduling information

We have missed you and we look forward to seeing you! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

On May 27, we will begin rescheduling appointments for the future, prioritizing those who most urgently need care.

We need your help to handle the huge task to rebuild our schedule.

Please contact us to let us know of your personal situation - are you in need of care, are you anxious about leaving your home for now, is your schedule flexible, how and when you can best be contacted, etc. You may call the office at 253.841.3173, (leave a voicemail as necessary because the phones will be busy), text 253.841.3173, or email

We will use your information to plan our phased reopening schedule, gradually opening the practice for the treatment that you need and want.

If your needed care is of a more routine nature and you do not have a pressing reason to be seen soon, please delay your call until mid-June. You may hear from us sooner than that, but we expect that our staff will be handling many communications over the next few weeks.

Again, we appreciate your patience.

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