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“Every time I come to your office, I get the same great experience.”
“I just wanted to let your team know that I sincerely appreciate the wonderful experiences I have had with your team over the many years. I am proud to have introduced my wife and daughter to your team, and know that they will be treated respectfully and cared for, when they visit your office. I’ve had a few interactions with Julie over the past few months, inquiring about dual coverage insurance, and she has been delightful in explaining what it all means, and how the process works.

“I thought it would be great to point out a few memorable moments about my visit today. Upon arriving, I was greeted by name as I entered the office by Julie. After only a few minutes, I met someone new named Shawn, who was absolutely fantastic. She was so incredibly friendly and helpful, I couldn’t ask for more. I was given a new type of anesthetic delivery system (the Wand®). I was given some preliminary information about how it works, and how some people have experienced increased comfort. After anesthetic was applied, I was asked about how it felt, and if I was comfortable.

“While the anesthetic was settling in, Jill came over and talked to me for a few minutes about my family, my daughter, and her family. She is and always has been delightful to work with. It was nice of her to stop by, just to say hello.

“After a few minutes, I was greeted by Dr. Momany. She was polite and shook my hand. The treatment and repair of my tooth today was comfortable and pain-free. I cannot feel any variances in my tooth after the procedure was completed; it feels great, and there is no pain. She is an excellent addition to the team, and I feel like she is a great choice for the future of Puyallup Valley Dental.

“During the procedure, I was given a suction device mouthpiece that was a drastic improvement to the blue rubber dental dam. If anything today was something to remember, was to always request that device over the ‘tooth clamping blue rubber dam.’ It’s not so much the rubber dam that is undesirable, but rather the clamping of the device on another tooth to hold it in place. Yikes! The mouthpiece device used today was GREAT!

“I guess my point is that every time I come to your office, I get the same great experience. I have fond memories through the years of all sorts of fun stories, like the time that Lesli came and picked me up so that I could make it to my appointment when my work truck broke down (during my water delivery days). Wow, right!? Who does that?? Or how about every time I see Deb, she just makes you feel good about yourself, with her warm and inviting personality. Like she would give you a great big hug if she could. What a charming lady. Or Mellissa and our often fun talks while cotton swabs are in my mouth and I can’t tell if she has a clue what I am saying. Fun.

“Then there is Dr. Urback, who seems to know everyone and is well-known/respected in the industry. I recall delivering to Dr. Ouhl over in Tacoma and raving about ‘my’ dentist and he asked who ‘he’ was. He knew him (from college?), and knew he couldn’t steal my business away, haha. Dr. Urback has made some really excellent choices in staff over the years. It’s what makes Puyallup Valley Dental premier in my mind. It’s why during my career when I had changed jobs and thus dental insurance, I stuck with you all regardless of the ‘coverage’ details, and why my family and friends will continue to be happy patients as long as you all keep doing what you do best. Thank you all for everything you do!” — Brien F.

“I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep.”
“I’ve been going to Puyallup Valley Dental for many years now. I started with Dr. Urback, then saw Dr. Z (no longer there), and yesterday just met Dr. Momany. The team is so friendly! The last few times Deb has cleaned and checked my teeth. She’s an absolute sweetheart and always so gentle. Takes the anxiety away from making a trip for sure. Dr. Momany was also kind and funny as she cracked a few jokes and was very professional. They have TVs and massagers with heat warmers. In fact, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep while waiting for the doctor to do her quick exam. I only waited five minutes, if even that. I highly recommend this place to family and friends. My coworkers are slowly migrating over there. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. — Nicol W.

“I love my new ‘Barbie’ smile!”
“I also wanted to thank the office so much for everything I can’t put into words how happy I am! I love my new ‘Barbie’ smile and I receive compliments on it daily. It’s really changed my life and my attitude and I’m truly inspired by what Dr. Urback has been able to do for me, and that’s another reason why I took the final step in making it my career! It’s amazing to feel confident in the work someone does and to also have a group of people that I can truly tell care about me!! I am so beyond grateful for what Dr. Urback did for me, I can’t even put it into words. It seems crazy that four tiny little pieces of porcelain can change someone’s life.” — Taylor F.

“I wish I would have made and appointment here sooner.”
“To begin, I have to provide a little of my history. I am in my late 40s and have not been to the dentist in more than 23 years. I have tried to avoid the dentist because of past experiences. I would not say I feared the dentist, I just avoided the dentist as long as I thought I could and get away with it. I wish I would have made and appointment here sooner. I was greeted by Lesli the treatment coordinator. She was very friendly while checking me in and out. I waited a short time and was brought to the back room right on schedule. I was very surprised because they fit me in at the last minute.

“Jill was the dental assistant who took care of me. As she walked me back to my chair, she gave me a tour of their practice. She was very informative and friendly. Jill explained that she would take X-rays and impressions of my teeth. As most people know, getting mouth X-rays can be a very intrusive experience. Prior to every examination, I was told to signal if I needed to stop at any time. Jill was very gentle and continued friendly conversation. Jill told me I would be examined by the dental hygienist before Dr. Urback gave me an examination.

“Nan was the dental hygienist who examined me. She was very friendly and explained exactly what she would do during her exam. She completed her exam quickly then explained the results to me in detail. She answered every question I had to my fullest satisfaction. With the information she had, Nan explained what treatment I may need depending on the doctor’s finding.

“Next was Dr. Urback. He was very professional and respectful. Dr. Urback conducted his examination quickly but thoroughly. It was not as unpleasant as I was expecting. Once he was finished, Dr. Urback explained the condition of my oral health and possible treatment options. I felt very comfortable during the entire appointment.

“There are a few things I would like to point out, especially to anyone with dental anxiety. Throughout the appointment, everyone I spoke with explained exactly what they were doing and why. At no time did I feel anyone was judgmental. I was always treated with dignity and respect. Every time I made eye contact with an employee, they had a smile on their face. I would recommend all of my friends and family to Dr. Urback. Specifically anyone with any anxiety about the dentist’s office.”

“It was such a great experience!”
“So happy that we were able to find this place for our family!! They did such an excellent job at keeping my stepson calm and excited about being at the dentist! They are also really great with people like myself who have anxiety about the dentist due to a bad experience a long time ago! I would recommend them to anyone! — Andrea S.

“They sincerely seemed interested in getting to know me as a person.”
“I recently moved to the Puyallup area from Seattle and needed to switch to a new dentist that was closer to home. I’m glad I happened upon Puyallup Valley Dental! I definitely made the right choice. From the moment I walked in the door, they were professional, warm, caring, and very thorough in my initial examination. They sincerely seemed interested in getting to know me as a person, as well as a patient, and I really appreciated that. I highly recommend this dental clinic!” — Petronella K.

“Amazing, hands-on care.”
“There are not enough words available to tell you how much I appreciate the staff and doctors at Puyallup Valley Dental Care. The amazing hands-on care from everyone there made such an amazing difference for me. I have suffered from extreme anxiety and fear of the dentist. I know many say it but the truth is that even just considering a call to the dentist was enough to cause anxiety and tears.

“I was handled with such kindness and compassion by Kristen when I called to make my appointment. That was just the start of the most fabulous care I received. My first appointment, someone was assigned to hang out with me the entire time. I was never left alone, and they made sure to schedule a good chunk of time so I didn’t feel rushed through and time was taken to address my fears.

“My treatment took quite a bit of time, and the staff always was considerate of my schedule when booking appointments and getting me in and out in a timely manner.

“I went from fear of even calling to showing up early to appointments and the panic and fear is gone.

“Thank you Dr. Urback and all the amazing people at Puyallup Valley Dental Care! I truly cannot say enough good things about how amazing you all are and how thankful I am to have made that call!” — Kristen G.

“They make me feel like they really care.”
“Puyallup Valley Dental Care is by far the best dental care I have received in years. Each time I have had an appointment, the dentists and staff have always been professional and respectful and have made me feel like they really care. They take their time, answer questions, and do whatever possible to make you feel comfortable. Their skills, training, and experience are evident in their work. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone looking for a new dentist to Puyallup Valley Dental Care. They are the best!” — Karen B.

“Imagine looking forward to going to the dentist!”
“If you are someone who is fearful about going to the dentist, this is the place for you. My family is treated with the utmost professionalism and compassion. We are always greeted by name and a kind word. They CARE about their patients. Imagine looking forward to going to the dentist.... they deserve more than five stars. They are rock stars!!!” — Marysusan I.

“We recommend them to everyone.”
“Friendliest office staff, and you never have to wait past your appointment time. My husband had to have a crown done and it was completed in ONE visit. We recommend them to anyone looking and they’ve never been disappointed.” — Lisa G.

“So awesome”
“I am so happy to have finally found a dental office that listened, understood, and helped me navigate my dental fears. From the moment I walked in, they know who I am and exactly what I need. Thank you for being so awesome.” — Dacia L.

“Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.”
“I just want to truly thank you for doing my teeth! I absolutely love them! You were the best I have ever had! You treated me with respect and listened to what I had to say. The end result was outstanding! Thank you so much! I loved how when I came here to get my teeth done, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. You Rock! #1 doctor.” — Alexa

“Your care of me as a patient was excellent.”
“I am so grateful to have been as fortunate as I have to have found you. Your office staff rate 10/10 for excellence in professionalism and just overall ‘wonderfulness.’ Your care of me as a patient was excellent, and I only hope that I will have the pleasure of your skills and care for many years to come.” — Sarah R.


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